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Ring Rentals Available

Many agility handlers are anxious to get some extra practice time in the agility ring prior to a trial to work on a special skill or contact.  Call the Showcase For Dogs for rates and availability-860-627-8633. 

Ring Rental Rates for 2016

Up to 2 handlers - 3 dogs   $25.00 per hour

For each additonal handler/dog  $10.00 per hour


VALOR is here! 

The Virtual Agility League has approved the Showcase for Dogs as a site to offer agility competition to reactive or distracted dogs.  Visit  for a detailed summary of Valor details. 

The mission of VALOR is simple:  To provide a non-traditional, skills-based agility venue that allows people to submit dog agility performances for review by video. To give reactive or distracted dogs an equal chance to show off their agility skills, and recognition for the people who love and patiently work with them.

 The Showcase For Dogs will be hosting "Valor Days" once a month.  We will host our next VALOR days in the spring when we reopen in the Spring.  We find that Sunday afternoons provide the best time slots for VALOR participants.   This will allow travel time for those coming from a distance. 

Here is how it will work:

1.  The equipment will be set up for the Valor courses.  The handler must register with Valor according to VALOR web site instructions. 3 ROUNDS OF STANDARD COURSES, JUMPERS COURSES, SNOOKER COURSES, & PERFECT-50 COURSES WILL BE OFFERED PER MONTH. YOU CAN CHOOSE THE COURSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO RUN!

2.  Each handler (up to two dogs) will be asked to pre-register for ring rental time.  You can choose one of the following field/equipment rental rates:

       A.  15 minutes                  $10.00

       B.  30 minutes                  $15.00

       C.  45 minutes                  $20.00

3.  The handler and dog will be able to run the course as many times as time will allow.

4.  A videographer will be available to video tape your runs and place the best run(s) onto You Tube for review by the VALOR judges.  It will be the responsiblity of the handler to contact the Showcase For Dogs to reserve the videographer and pay the fees required for the service.

5.  During the runs, the activity surrounding the dogs will be kept to a bare other dogs, no additional people, no food, no cars...just quiet.  This will allow the dog and handler the best chance for success.

6.  Ribbons, records, and awards will be provided by VALOR.

If you have further questions or interest, please contact the Showcase For Dogs at 860-627-8633.


Agility Training and Handling Foundations Workshop with Barbara Rogers - A Huge Success and on schedule again for 2016!

Barbara Rogers presented a multitude of skills and techniques to help train dogs for the agility ring in the first Agility and Handling Foundations Workshop.  New and experienced handlers enjoyed the workshop.  Much to the joy of the participants, Barbara has agreed to present the both a Training and Foundations Level 1 and Level 2 Workshop in 2014.  Watch the website and your email for dates and times.