Bonnie Henderson


Bonnie Henderson

Certified Pet Dog Trainer through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has owned her own dog training business, A Better Canine, since 2001.



Barb Rogers

Barbara is White Mountain Agility School (WMAS) certified as an agility instructor since the 1990's.


Danette Smith

Danette Chorney

Both of my dogs have earned their AKC UD (Utility Dog) Obedience title, RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent) title, and CGCA (Community Canine) designation.

Michele Longo

Michele enjoys working with people and finds it very rewarding to be able to pass along her skills and knowledge of positive reinforcement training methods to her many clients and their dogs.  Her classes include Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Manners, Intermediate, Advanced. and Canine Good Citizen.






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What's Happening at a Glance in 2016! 

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Disc Dog Seminars with Ed Jakubowski!

Sunday, Oct 2 at 1:00pm Enrollment is limited - so reserve your spot now! Learn the basics and training techniques from the best!


Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Exam scheduled for Sunday, Sept 18 at 12:00 noon.  Reserve your spot now.  Cost $20.00 per dog.








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Classes Available - Call for the Starting Dates

Agility Classes

Each dog and handler will be given introductions to the obstacles and jumps to compete a beginning agility course. The obstacles ill include dog walk, A frame, teeter, table, weave poles, chutes, tunnels and different style jumps. See All Class Descriptions





Agility Class Schedule


       Beg 1 Agility                      6:15 pm  Rogers    Showcase Fields   Begins July 11, 2016

Focus on Foundation Activities, so handlers and dogs communicate with each other and start becoming a team.  Handlers learn the mechanics of positive training, and dogs learn why agility is so much fun!  Basic handling skills are taught, and Agility obstacles are introduced at an easy/low level, in short sequences.  Practice at home speeds up learning.

       Beg 2 Agility                      7:30 pm  Rogers    Showcase Fields    Begins July 11,, 2016

Graduates of Beginner 1 Agility progress - new obstacles are introduced, and students move up to a higher performance level.  Sequences become longer, course analysis is introduced, and advanced handling skills are added and refined.  Dogs and handlers have more success, and more fun, with their growing sets of skills!  Practice at home speeds up learning.


        Foundations of Agility                   6:00 pm  Henderson    Begins  June 21, 2016

The course will cover the fundamental skills needed for agility, prior to actually getting on the obstacles.  All dogs must be at least 6 months old to participate in the class.  Students will learn skills that will enable them to work off leash with their dogs and be introduced to beginner level equipment.                                                      

        Intro to Agility Obstacles               7:00 pm  Henderson     Begins June 21, 2016

 All dogs must be 9 month or older to participate in the class and have previously taken classes with multiple dogs.  Dogs will be introduced to the obstacles and preliminary handling off leash.     



        Competition Level Agility           10:00 am  Henderson    Begins June 29, 2016

Designed for handlers and dogs with competition experience.   

        Intermediate Agility                  11:00 am  Henderson     Begins June 29, 2016

 All dogs will continue work on obstacle performance and handling will include short sequences  

        Intermediate agility                  6:15 pm.  Rogers           Begins May 4, 2016

 Beginner 2 Agility graduates move on - obstacle skills, troubleshooting, course analysis, more complex sequencing and handling skills are honed.  Handlers, with help from the instructor, are now greatly customizing the learning experience for their dogs, and having fun running together as a team.  Teams are likely ready to attend run-throughs and other practice events at this level.

        Advanced agility.                      7:30 pm.  Rogers           Begins May 4, 2016

Fine-tuning or retraining of obstacle skills for competition teams - focus on communicating the best line to your dog, balancing speed with accuracy, handler focus with obstacle focus, and simply enjoying all the skills that have been achieved so far.  Best use of evolving techniques, and advanced course analysis are applied to course work on competition scale, advanced level courses.  Teams are encouraged and expected to compete in the venue(s) of their choice.


         Advanced Agility                     6:30 pm  Henderson    Begins June 30, 2016

This course is designed for teams who wish to continue to enhance their handling and obstacle performance skills.           

         Competition Level Agility          7:30 pm  Henderson    Begins June 30, 2016

This course is designed for handlers and dogs with competition experience.   



         Beginning Agility                         11:00 am     Longo    (begins July 1, 2016)

         Intro to Agility for Junior Handlers  10:00 am  Friedrich  (begins July 8, 2016)



         Beginning Agility                         11:00 am  Longo  (begins July 9, 2016)




          Beg 1 Agility.                         5:30 pm  Longo   (Begins, Sept 18,  2016)

         Beg 2 Agility                           6:30 pm Longo    (Begins Sept 18,, 2016) 




Obedience Classes

Teach your dog to properly heel (walk) with you to make your evening strolls comfortable for both you and your dogs. Also learn other commands.... See All Classes

Thursdays:  Obedience      6:00 pm   Kulpa   Begins July 7, 2016


Fridays    Beginning Obedience       12:15 pm     Longo     Begins July 8, 2016


Saturdays:  Beginning Obedience     12:15 pm    Longo     Begins July 9, 2016       

                            Sundays   Basic Obedience.      3:00 pm.  Longo  (Begins Sept 18, 2016)

                                            Intermediate/CGC    4:15 pm Longo (Begins Sept 18, 2016)                        


Rally Obedience

Learn the basics involved with the up and coming rally obedience events. It is a combination of agility and obedience. The dog and handler perform both jumping skills and obedience skills as determined by the course format.... Sign Up Now


          Rally Obedience  Friedrich        5:30 pm    Beginning (begins July 7, 2016)

Six week program begins on Thursday, May 12, 2016    Designed for handlers who want to learn the basics of Rally – O, including how a Rally course is set up, introduction to Rally signs and instructions, drills, and complete practice courses. Also appropriate for Teams who have already earned the Rally Novice title, and want to move on to Rally Advanced.   Dogs should know basic obedience commands.

Family Dog

Train your dog to sit, down, stay, walk on a loose leash, and have a reliable recall. Bond with your dog and remember "A trained dog is a happy dog."       Sign Up Now

 Sundays           Successful Dog Program-Star Puppy Class    1:00 pm  Cobb         

                       Basic Manners          3:00 pm    Longo  Begins Sept 18, 2016




                                        Nose and Scent Detection

This is an introduction to training your dog to search and find various scents.  This 6 week session will be held in a barn on Rice Road in East Windsor, CT.   Call for details and to register.

                           Mondays:   5:30-6:30 pm      Begins July 18, 2016  




                                         Disc Dog

Does your dog love to run and play catch?  Here is your chance to train your dog in the fundametals of catching a disc-learning to throw the disc for your dog properly-developing disc drive-proper equipment to use and more.  Your dog should be able to sit-sit and wait-and have a reliable recall in order to enroll in the class. 

Sundays                          1:00 pm