Bonnie Henderson


Bonnie Henderson

Certified Pet Dog Trainer through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has owned her own dog training business, A Better Canine, since 2001.



Barb Rogers

Barbara is White Mountain Agility School (WMAS) certified as an agility instructor since the 1990's.



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What's Happening at a Glance in 2017! 

 Register Now for new classes starting soon!


New Beginner Agility on Saturday at 10:00 am Starting Saturday, July 15th,  Enroll now!

Nosework Class starting Monday, July 10th at 5:00 pm.  Give us a call to hold your spot.


And coming later in the summer-Jr Handlers Classes




Schedule your event now for next season

Saluki Summer Splash Aug 23-27, 2017

Focus Agility Uki Trial Sept 23-24, 2017 contact Lori Kline

Ring Rentals available.


Classes Available - Call for the Starting Dates

Agility Classes

Each dog and handler will be given introductions to the obstacles and jumps to compete a beginning agility course. The 11obstacles ill include dog walk, A frame, teeter, table, weave poles, chutes, tunnels and different style jumps. See All Class Descriptions


5:00 pm  Beginner Agility- Barbara Rogers (beginning Monday, July 24, 2017)  

6:15 pm  Beginning Agility 2- Barbara Rogers (beginning Monday,

July,24 2017)  call for more information

7:30 pm  Intermediate Agility - Barbara Rogers (beginning Monday, July, 24  2017)  Call for more information


9:30 am    Bonnie Henderson - Competition agility (beginning Wed, July 12)

10:30 am  Bonnie Henderson  Competition  Agility (beginning Wed, July 12)

10:45 am  Linda Friedrich - Intermediate Agility (beginning Wednesday, July 12)


6:00 pm   Bonnie Henderson - Competition Agility (beginning, Thur, July 13)

7:00 pm   Bonnie Henderson -Novice  Competition Agility (beginning Thurs, July 13)


10:00 am  Diane Patterson - Beginning Agility (beginning Sept 9,2017)


5:30 pm  Michele Longo - Beginning Agility (beginning Sunday, Aug 20, 2017)

6:30 pm  Michele Longo - Beginner II  (beginning Sunday, Aug 20, 2017)


Obedience Classes

Teach your dog to properly heel (walk) with you to make your evening strolls comfortable for both you and your dogs. Also learn other commands.... See All Classes


Thursdays:   5:00 pm Family Dog Obedience class (beginning July 6, 2017)

Sundays:      3:00 pm Beginning Obedience- Michele Longo (beginning Aug 20,2017)

                   4:15 pm  Beginner II - CGC prep class- Michele Longo (beginning Aug 20, 2017)



Rally Obedience

Learn the basics involved with the up and coming rally obedience events. It is a combination of agility and obedience. The dog and handler perform both jumping skills and obedience skills as determined by the course format.... Sign Up Now


          Beginning Rally Obedience- Linda Friedrich      5:30 pm (beginning Thursday, July 27, 2017)

          Designed for handlers who want to learn the basics of Rally – O, including how a Rally course is set up, introduction to Rally signs and instructions, drills, and complete practice courses. Also appropriate for Teams who have already earned the Rally Novice title, and want to move on to Rally Advanced.   Dogs should know basic obedience commands.

Intermediate/Advanced Rally Obedience - Linda Friedrich  6:45 pm (beginning Thursday, July 27, 2017)

Trick Class

Trick Class - Thursdays 6:00 pm  (beginning Thursday, July 20, 2017)


                                        Nose and Scent Detection

This is an introduction to training your dog to search and find various scents.  This 6 week session will be held at the Showcase For Dogs later in the summer.  

Mondays - starting July 10, 2017 at 5:00 pm at the Showcase Shed




                                         Disc Dog

Does your dog love to run and play catch?  Here is your chance to train your dog in the fundametals of catching a disc-learning to throw the disc for your dog properly-developing disc drive-proper equipment to use and more.  Your dog should be able to sit-sit and wait-and have a reliable recall in order to enroll in the class. 

Sundays - TBA